Sales Support

The sales support module offers you and your sales team a higher quality documentation and avoids knowledge lock-in. Through various tools such as digital sales folders including product catalogues, client information and marketing material, the point of sale information is always accurate and up to date.

Sales Folder

In the sales folder, sales representatives have access to all important product and assortment data and, for example an overview of all available point of sale materials and logistic data.

The contents of the sales folder can be configured individually. There are various elements available such as galleries, links, marketing material and videos. As a result, the sales representatives have all the relevant information, which is constantly updated, right at their fingertips:

  • Pictures and promotion videos
  • Marketing material and best practices
  • External links to the corporate website
  • Direct contact to Market Control for support  


The product module is the essential part of the sales folder and allows you to manage and overview your company’s products.
Product information can be adjusted by administrators via the online platform and appears directly in the application.

The product catalogue gives the sales representatives access to all important product information such as: 

  • Prices 
  • Logistic data 
  • Product images 
  • Packaging information