About Market Control

Market Control was established ten years ago by a German entrepreneur in Catalonia, Spain. What began as a consulting project in 2008, lead to the foundation of Market Control Strategists, S.L.U. in 2010. We focus on the development of software solutions for sales optimization processes or market research studies for companies in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical sector.

Our software systems include an online platform and applications for smartphones and tablets. These solutions prove to be suitable for all types of company sizes and industries such as market leaders in consumer goods or small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Our Mission

In the sales departments of many companies, regardless the size or industry, often share the same obstacles. The permanent issues of information overload, time inefficiency, growing costs and complicated processes are constantly present and slow down possible efficiencies and further success of your business.

Market Control solutions for sales optimization addresses these problems precisely while increasing overall productivity. Our mission is to provide the ideal tool for optimal market coverage and ensure that the work of your sales teams becomes less bureaucratic and costly and more transparent and flexible- simply effective and efficient.

Our essential tool is an individual online platform for each client that relates to a complementary application. The key benefit of our solutions is their flexibility towards your business needs and their lower costs of implementation and usage in comparison to other system providers.

Our Story

Primarily, Market Control was formed as a consulting project for Biocentury S.L.U. in 2008. Due to a rocketing customer growth, Market Control Strategists, S.L.U was founded in 2010 offering various services for all kinds of enterprises, sizes and industries such as Affinity Petcare and Mont-Ferran.

In 2013 foreign subsidiaries of Biocentury, located in Chile and Costa Rica, began to collect market data with Market Control through e. g. ordering, stock, photos and promotions. Therefore, we started offering our services outside of Spain and began to work with customers from different time zones and cultures.

Since then, we were constantly growing for example with clients such as Dimefar in 2013, P&A Worldwide and Brita Iberia in 2014. Brita France and Brita Germany followed a followed a few years after. Other internationally recognized companies like Ferrero Iberia and COMPO became our clients in 2019. This enabled us to gain more experience in different sectors such as retail, HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), pharmacy and others.