We provide our clients with an online platform to manage all sales functions and activities as well as an application facilitating collaboration between field and office team members. We adapt to your corporate strategy and identity, designing our platform according to your needs.

Our sales optimization solutions prove to be suitable for all types of company sizes and industries, such as consumer goods market leaders  or pharmaceutical SMEs.

Especially small and middle-sized companies with 5 to 15 sales representatives benefit from our offerings. Our services are flexible to adapt and well-priced as the software is based on the number of users.

Our service modules can be freely selected, according to your individual business aims and needs. The modules are divided into four main areas:


Efficient route planning and optimal market coverage require regular adaptation to changing conditions. Our dynamic route-to-market approach ensures continuous and automatic route adjustment.


Sales Support

Support your sales representatives with essential tools like sales folders and surveys on their smartphone or tablet. This ensures improved quality of documentation during the visits at the point of sale.

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Maintaining a specific sequence of activities at the point of sale makes it possible to optimize visits. The goal is to maximize the gold time during visits and spend as little time as possible on minor activities.

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Create and combine market data from all available modules.
The office team can choose between different analysis methods and visualizations which can be easily integrated via interfaces.

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Our Added Value

Our 360° software solution provides you with an all-in-one system which includes a web platform, applications and various modules with all  functions that you need for sales optimization, for example to create and implement surveys or to further process and analyze collected data. As a result, there is no need to use separate systems for different tasks. Nevertheless, other ERP systems can be integrated easily via our provided interfaces. We guarantee you constant quality improvement through our key added values

Would you like to have an individual demo?

The software of Market Control is easy to configure, well-priced and can be adjusted to your individual needs. To convince you of our skills and flexibility, we will be glad to offer you a free customer demo.