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Power BI
Benefit from fast, easy data access and interactive visualizations

Artificial Intelligence
Extract rich information from images and videos

Process Manager
Add processes to every action and manage them

Image Recognition
Extract facings and prices from shelf images

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Market Control

The best tool for the implementation and support of change processes in sales management and market research surveys. 

Our 360° software solution provides you with various complementary modules to achieve optimal market coverage and increase the efficiency of your sales team’s work. 

Market Control is an internationally active software company with an app and web application for data collection, management and analysis. The core of our solution is it’s particularly high flexibility and adaptability to the structures and processes of each individual customer. In addition, we use the latest technologies for route optimisation and automatic image recognition, supported by our next generation solutions, the Route Optimizer and Shelf Intelligence.

Since its foundation in Barcelona in 2010, Market Control has gained extensive experience in the implementation and support of sales optimisation systems in the Spanish market. Our customers, including Ferrero, Brita, Bicentury and Compo, are now spread across Europe and use our tools in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries.



Planning efficient routes that cover all points of sale and distribute the workload evenly between all sales representatives takes a lot of time and effort.
Our route-to-market approach enables dynamic route planning and the proposal of ideal routes with just one tool. At the same time, it ensures optimal market coverage and workload.


Using a catalogue of questions to capture the situation in the shop during a visit means a lot of paperwork and time-consuming data transmission.
Our survey module facilitates data collection by creating different survey types. The real-time data is sent directly after the visit, digitising the entire process.


Sales representatives can face many obstacles, such as little time per visit or carrying around too many folders and papers.
Our visit module enables time-efficient real-time reporting at the point of sale, bundles all visit information on one device and forwards it to supervisors without any bureaucracy.


Summarising, analysing and interpreting collected market data to measure target achievement often requires a lot of time and multiple data sources.
We offer various analysis methods: Reports, Dossiers, Power BI and Artificial Intelligence. Data from all available modules can be combined and evaluated in different formats.

Latest developments

Power BI

Take your data and price analysis to a new level and benefit from fast, easy data access and interactive visualisations. Power BI easily connects to our modules and enables flexible data processing and an in-depth analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

Use your customised AI solution to automatically extract rich information from images and videos, transfer them in real time from app to web platform and process the collected visit data. We can also integrate your own external AI provider.

Process Manager

Attach your own process to any work steps. Each action can be supported and managed by a workflow, e.g. dynamic order management for ongoing promotions. This also enables an integration with other processes.

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