Our route-to-market approach with dynamic route planning and automatic updating allows your company to avoid unnecessary visits, ensure optimal workloads and optimize market coverage.

Through our route-to-market modules you will be able to:

  • Pursue long-term goals
  • Manage medium term campaigns
  • Schedule weekly planning
  • Support visits on short notice

You can choose freely from a variety of modules, like a collection of your points of sale, an automatic integration of campaigns or our visit planner.

Points of Sale

A collection of points of sale with all necessary information is always available and frequently expanded. This includes customer data, geographic location highlighted on a map and notes left from the sales representative at each visit.

Your points of sale will be classified in a structured way so you can quickly access information whenever you need them.

Route Planning

The route planning module allows the sales representatives to optimize their route through changes and more efficient visits. You can use the route areas to receive a suggested route.

  • Get a quick overview of the area at any time
  • Improve your travel planning

Structured planning of appointments using the planner

  • Easy planning of appointments several weeks in advance
  • Add different activities such as customer meetings, personal time or stays at hotels
  • Organize your daily routine by concentrating on upcoming visits and reacting quickly to changes in appointments


With the campaign module you can create and track campaigns with specific objectives and durations. By being integrated into the dynamic route planning, additional visits on the usual routes can be automatically compensated. This ensures an optimal workload for every sales representative during the campaigns. 

Moreover, the campaign module enables the automatic integration of promotions into the planning by importing points of sale with one click.

Some of the most used campaigns are:

  • Testing outlets
  • Product launches
  • Shelf status during seasonal promotions 
  • Suggestions of top products in the assortment of certain costumers


The simulator allows you to plan complete routes. It can automatically calculate an optimized route in terms of kilometer, distance and the total hours of daily workload.
The simulation module also automatically recalculates the points of sale not visited and assigns them to the second round of visits. Therefore, no point of sale is missed out. 
The simulator allows you to manage the allocation of stores per zones and representatives to optimize their workload and find the optimal route configuration to implement it.
With the copied simulation you can work with different configurations at the same time without entering the same data another time. This allows you to find the optimal configuration quickly.